Gun Transfers

The Indoor Gun Range is happy to provide you the service of transferring firearms.  In addition to selling firearms, The Indoor Gun Range also facilitates transfer for gun purchases made online from out of-state gun stores, person to person, or other out of state sources. 

To have a firearm transferred to The Indoor Gun Range

The following fees will be applied:   

$50 | per Firearm (effective January 1, 2019)

How do I have a firearm transferred from out of state or online that I purchased?

After you make your purchase, inform the Dealer/Business that the firearm is being transferred to: The Indoor Gun Range 807 Hoosick Road, Troy NY 12180.

The shipping dealer will then need a copy of our FFL and can receive one by emailing us at  It should indicate what the item being shipped is and who the buyer is. After we receive this information we will send the shipper a copy of our FFL. 

The shipping dealer MUST then enclose a copy of their FFL along with an invoice or packing slip indicating the purchaser’s name, phone number and firearm details, including the serial number of the firearm being shipped to us.

* Please ensure that the shipper does not ship firearms or magazines that do not conform to New York state law. The Indoor Gun Range is not responsible for providing any refunds or compensation for items that cannot legally be delivered to buyer. In the event:

  • If the firearm being transferred   is not compliant with the S.A.F.E Act and we are unable to make it compliant, you will be responsible for the transfer fees and return shipping costs.
  • Magazines with a capacity of more than 10 rounds that cannot be made compliant, will be forfeited to The Indoor Gun Range unless you are a police/peace officer. 

Once the firearm has been received, it will need to be processed into our system. Please note that transfers are NOT available for pick-up the same day they are delivered. Confirmation by UPS, FedEx or USPS that your firearm has been delivered DOES NOT mean that it is ready to be picked up. Transfers take up to 24 hours to process. We will contact you when the firearm(s) is ready for pick-up.  

Please direct all questions regarding projected delivery dates, tracking info, etc. to the seller. IT IS NOT OUR RESPONSIBILITY TO TRACK PACKAGES. In the rare event that your package becomes re-routed, mis-delivered, or lost, it is YOUR responsibility to contact the seller / shipper to work out any errors in shipping. Aside from providing the required FFL information to the seller / shipper, our responsibility in the transfer process begins AFTER the firearm has been delivered to us and we have signed for it. 

Person to Person In-store Transfers

An in-store transfer is a two-step process.  A person to person transfer is when a local person is selling a firearm to another and both parties want to ensure the transaction is conducted legally. 

To do this type of transfer, both parties must come into The Indoor Gun Range. The seller/owner will bring the gun in to be transferred along with their identification ( Pistol Permit, Drivers License etc.). 

The buyer/receiver can come in at the same time as the seller or can come later. The buyer will complete the Federal background check and pay applicable transfer fees. Upon approval of the background check, the firearm will be transferred to the new owner. 

Once a firearm is logged into our system it can only be removed by being transferred back out. If for some reason the new owner cannot pick the firearm up. The original owner will have to do a transfer to get it back, and this transfer would be subject to all Federal and State Laws. 

Outgoing Transfers to an FFL Dealer

The Indoor Gun Range will only ship firearms to the holder of a Federal Firearms License (FFL). 

$50 | per Firearm + shipping fees

$65 | Shipping per Firearm (includes $500 insurance coverage & packaging). 

Insurance Coverage

Additional insurance coverage can be purchased. 

Shipping Policy

Handguns are SHIPPED 2ND DAY AIR. 

Long guns are SHIPPED GROUND unless otherwise stated. 

To process the outgoing transfer, we will need:

A copy of the receiving dealer’s Federal Firearms License (FFL)
Contact information for the Recipient.
A copy of your Driver’s license and /or Pistol Permit.


·Your Firearm MUST be in a hard or soft case. We will not ship firearms wrapped in cloth, bubble wrap, gun sock, etc. 

· Long gun cases must fit in standard long gun shipping box, which usually precludes the use of double or oversized rifle cases.

The Indoor Gun Range is not responsible for shipping damages. Once a firearm is shipped, The Indoor Gun Range has no way to recall the shipment. If the firearm is turned over to The Indoor Gun Range for an outgoing shipment and the customer later requests that the firearm not be shipped, a background check and transfer fee will apply to return the firearm to the customer.

Picking up your transfer

Your transfer must be picked up by the person to whom it is addressed. You cannot have a spouse, family member, or friend pick it up for you. All transfers must be picked up within 10 days of arrival. Any transfer picked up after 10 days of arrival will be subject to an additional storage fee of $35.00. 

Firearms picked up more than 90 days after arrival will incur an additional fee of $70.00. Firearms not picked up after one year will be considered abandoned and sold. Exceptions to this policy will only be granted to Military personnel who are currently serving overseas. 

Military Customers

Members of the armed forces who do not have a New York State License but are stationed in New York may pick up transfers so long as the following conditions are met. You must have a Military ID card and a copy of your PCS Orders that assign you to a duty station in the State of New York. 

Identification Requirements

When picking up your firearm, you will need a valid NYS Driver’s License/ NYS Pistol Permit and/or ID card, with your current address. We do not perform transfers to residents of other states, with exception to active duty military members who otherwise meet residency requirements.

Failing a Background Check; Return of the Firearm

If the customer fails the background check, the customer is still responsible to pay the transfer fee. It is also the customer’s responsibility to promptly arrange the return of the firearm to the seller or make other arrangements to dispose of the firearm. All costs to return the firearm or otherwise dispose of the firearm shall be the responsibility of the customer.


> Firearms are NOT available for pick-up the same day they are delivered. Confirmation by UPS, FedEx or USPS that your firearm has been delivered DOES NOT mean that it is ready to be picked up. We will contact you when the firearms are ready to be delivered. 

> All transfers must be picked up within 10 days of notification.  

> Any issues with the firearm after it has been picked up must be coordinated directly with the seller and/or manufacturer. We are not a warranty return station for any manufacturer or product. Additional charges will be applied for return and/or warranty coordination and shipping.

> Transfers that are received during normal business hours (Tues-Fri) will be processed with 24 hours.  If a transfer arrives over the weekend, pick-up will not be available until that following Tuesday.