Springfield - XD® Series

XD® MOD.2® – 3″ Sub-Compact Model


 Springfield Armory®, the same company that brought Point & Shoot  Ergonomics™ to the market in 2001 is proud to announce the latest  evolution of the polymer pistol - The XD® Mod.2® Sub-Compact in 9mm and  .40CAL. 

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XD® 3″ Sub-Compact Model


The XD® 3” Sub-Compact from Springfield Armory® is designed to bring you  the most in a concealed carry pistol. Its superior ergonomics, reliable  performance, and astonishing capacity combine to put more into a  concealable pistol than you will find anywhere else. comfort, ease of operation, features and performance. 

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Springfield - XD-S® Series

XD-S MOD.2® 3.3″ Model


The XD-S® Single Stack from Springfield Armory® has forever changed what  you can expect out of your daily carry pistol. Now all the best  features and power you’re used to in the XD® and XD(M)® lines can be had  in the shockingly slim XD-S® 3.3″ Single Stack – a pistol that packs so  easily you’ll forget it’s there. 

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Springfield - SAINT™ AR-15 Series



When it comes time to defend your legacy, turn to the SAINT™. It’s the  ultimate refinement of the time-tested AR15 design and represents  everything that a defensive carbine should be. 

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Saint™ w/ Free Float Handguard


Attention AR-15 enthusiasts: your new rifle is ready.  Springfield Armory® is proud to announce a dominant new warrior in the battle to Defend Your Legacy: the new SAINT™ AR15.

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Saint™ EDGE


Get Your Edge.

Premier components for quick-handling, improved  accuracy, and performance comparable to custom AR builds costing much  more. 

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Springfield - 1911 Series

1911 EMP® Model


Innovation can take many forms. Sometimes it's a brand new idea – like  the XD®. Other times innovation is the fine-tuning of a classic – like  the EMP®. 

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1911 EMP® 4” Lightweight Champion™ Model


Springfield Armory® engineered the original EMP® with an all-new  patented short action. Seventeen re-designed parts later, the EMP® came out a smaller, more comfortable, and more concealable package optimized  for the smaller 9MM and .40SW calibers. 

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1911 EMP® 4” Concealed Carry Contour Model


 The world’s most elegant carry pistol family just added a new member.  For those who emphasize extra-discreet concealed carry, we’re proud to  introduce the new Springfield Armory® EMP® Lightweight Champion™ with  Concealed Carry Contour. 

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1911 Champion™ Operator Lightweight Model


Springfield Armory® was the first 1911 manufacturer to offer a frame  that included an accessory rail as part of the forging. 

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1911 Mil-Spec Model


The Stainless Steel Mil-Spec is built on a full-size frame and slide. The pistol is made from Stainless Steel, which has a polished finish on the flat surfaces and bead-blasted matte finish on the rounded areas. 

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1911 Range Officer® Compact Model


If you want a competition grade 1911 that conceals better than a  full-sized pistol, the Range Officer® Compact from Springfield Armory®  offers finely tuned performance in a smaller package. 

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Springfield - 1911 Series

1911 Range Officer® Model


For shooters who need a competition 1911, the Range Officer® from  Springfield Armory® offers finely tuned performance without breaking the  bank. 

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1911 Range Officer® Champion™ Model


Our Range Officer® Champion™ is a perfect fit for those looking for a  concealable 1911 that won’t weigh them down. 

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1911 Range Officer® Elite Compact


 Designed for easy carry and heavy use, the RO® Elite Compact features a lightweight forged alloy frame and forged steel slide coated in corrosion-resistant Black-T® finish.  

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1911 Range Officer® Elite Champion™


 The RO® Elite Champion™ trims size, not performance, with a 4-inch  stainless steel match grade bull-barrel and fully supported ramp. 

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1911 Range Officer® Elite Operator®


 The RO® Elite Operator® is a multi-threat athlete, combining  trophy-level accuracy with do-it-all versatility. 

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1911 Range Officer® Elite Target


 Every detail of the full-sized RO® Elite Target is engineered for accuracy. 

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Springfield - 1911 Series

1911 Loaded Model


 In the post-War years, as 1911s became increasingly common in the  civilian market, shooters and custom shops found new ways to upgrade  their .45s. Uncle Sam’s original spec sheet was a one-size fits all.  

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1911 TRP™ Model


The TRP™ series of 1911s from Springfield Armory® are serious tools for  the most serious of applications. These tactically proven pistols are  intentionally designed to work under the worst conditions you’ll  encounter. You'll find all the quality, features and performance that  you need in a 1911 of this class. 

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1911 TRP™ 10mm RMR Model


 The Springfield Armory TRP 10mm RMR – one with a 5” barrel, and one with  a 6” barrel – are now available with a Trijicon Ruggedized Miniature  Reflex (RMR) sight specifically milled into the slide of Springfield  Armory’s most elite production 1911. 

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