The Range

Bring your own Firearm or Rent one of ours. Want to use your own Ammo, bring that too.

Our 25 yard shooting range features 6 lanes, easy to use electronic target retrievers, and can accommodate small bore Rifle and Pistols - All indoors and climate controlled.  

Staffed by experienced NRA professionals and is designed for both 

recreational and training purposes.

The is no need for a appointment.  Walk-ins are always welcome. 

Just come on in and have some fun.  

Members book your lane ONLINE anytime!

No need to wait in line.

We now offer Early bird booking. For just $10 you can reserve your lane on Saturday & Sunday. 

Choose your time slot and beat the crowd.

Pick your time

Saturday    9:00 -   9:30a

Saturday    9:30 - 10:00a

Sunday      9:00 -   9:30a

Sunday      9:30 - 10:00a

The Indoor Gun Range

What can I shoot in the Gun Range?

Our shooting Range is Pistol Caliber Only.  That means you can NOT shoot AR .223/5.56mm, SHOTGUNS or any HIGH POWER RIFLES.  

Just to be clear these calibers are NOT ALLOWED in the Range: 

.223/5.56mm  | 12ga | 20ga | 243Win |  270Win | 30-06 | 300Win

What Ammo is allowed in the Gun Range?

We only allow Factory BRASS ammo at the Indoor Gun Range.





Thank you for your Service.


We proudly offer a 10% Military & Law Enforcement Discount on eligible Range purchases. Discount applies to all veterans, active duty military and law enforcement personnel. 

Getting Started at the Gun Range

We're to Help

So don't be shy.  Our Range Safety Officers are here to help- seek them out for any questions or issues you may have. 

You'll need a Waiver

You'll need to complete a Range waiver before you can shoot at the Indoor Gun Range.  This is required by anyone who wishes to enter the shooting range. 

If you would like to speed up the first time check-in process,  sign your WAIVER ONLINE. Once complete you will only have to bring in your Id to check in.  

When you get Here

You will be greeted by a member of our staff and they will get you set-up. They'll help with your waiver, choose a rental gun that's right for you, or help you with training in the range. 

Want to learn to shoot for the first time

Whether you want to learn to shoot for the first time, get your concealed carry permit, or take your skills to the next level, we have the class and instructor for you.   Check out our shooting range course schedule to get started.  

Range Safety and Etiquette

Take a look at the Range Safety video.  It gives you an overview of how to handle your gun in the gun range.  

Save some time, sign your Waiver Online.

Rental Guns

Gun Rentals at The Indoor Gun Range


Do you have a dress code in the Range?


Hot brass and casings are flying around, so less exposed skin is better. 

Tennis shoes beat flip flops. Turtle necks beat low-flying V-necks. Ultimately, you need to dress comfortably, but be sensible when your in the gun range. 

I am from another State|Country. Can I shoot a Rifle|Pistol at the Range?


Rifles- Yes you can shoot and/or rent a Rifle at our Range.  All you need is a valid government-issued photo ID showing you are 18 years of age (Passport, ID card, Drivers license).

Handguns -You must be a resident of New York and have a New York State county of residence issued Pistol Permit to shoot and/or rent a Handgun on our range. 

What are the age requirements for shooting at the Range?


18 years of age are welcome to shoot in the Range.   Must have valid government-issued photo ID (Drivers license, Passport, ID Card).  

Children (10-17 years of age) are allowed to shoot in the Range however, they must be accompanied by a Parent | Guardian at all times while in the Range.

What are your rules about Ammo?


You MAY use your own Ammo in the shooting Range but you MUST buy our Ammo when you rent our Firearms.


Brass Casing ONLY

Lead Ammo

Hollow points, frangible (New and in box)


Re manufactured


Steel core


Green tip

Tracer Rounds

Steel shot

Bird shot



What Firearms are allowed on your Range?



Range calibers ALLOWED 

.22LR up to .45acp


Range calibers ALLOWED

22LR up to .45acp


Range calibers ALLOWED


Can I draw from my Holster on the Range?


Yes, you can draw from your holster however you must be under private instruction from one of our trained staff.

Range Safety Rules

  • NO one is allowed in the Range under the influence of alcohol or any other controlled substance.
  • NO loaded firearms are to enter or exit the building.  
  • All magazines and speed loaders must be unloaded. Load firearms at firing line ONLY.
  • NO firearms are allowed in the store without being cased.  
  • Sharing of Handguns (pistols, revolvers) is NOT permitted between range members.
  • Firearms may be inspected at any time.Any firearm or ammunition may be refused for any reason by the Range Office and staff at The Indoor Gun Range.
  • Only firearms in handgun calipers under 45 Colt including 410 gauge will be ALLOWED. Ammunition above and including 454 Casull, 460 S&W, 480 Ruger, 50 AE, 500 S&W are NOT allowed in the Range.    
  • All persons entering the Range must sign the Waiver of Liability, Hold Harmless & Release Agreement.
  • Eye and ear protection must be worn in the Range area at all times.   
  • Unauthorized targets will not be permitted. Shooting at anything other than your own target is not permitted.   
  • The muzzle of all firearms must be pointed downrange at all times. If a member must leave the booth, the firearm must be unloaded and breach left open.   
  • All firearms must arrive at the shooting booth and exit in a case.   
  • All targets must hang no higher than the shooters head to prevent shooting outside the targeted area.
  • Drawing from any kind of holsters is NOT permitted.  
  • NO speed, fast or rapid shooting is allowed.   
  • If a firearm malfunctions, keep the firearm pointed downrange and notify the Range Safety Officer.
  • NO ammunition with steel or aluminum casing.  
  • NO steel core or tracer rounds and NO steel shot ammunition.
  • NO reloaded or re-manufactured ammunition.   
  • NO crossing the firing line.   
  • All firearms are to remain above the shooting table at all times. NO kneeling, laying or prone positions.    
  • Any brass or ammunition that hits the floor is the property of “The Indoor Gun Range”. Collection of brass is NOT allowed.   
  • Any act to be deemed unsafe or hazardous will result in immediate dismissal from the premises and membership privileges revoked without refund.